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How to Use Summer Promotions to Heat Up Sales

Everybody loves a bargain. Promotions have the power to attract new customers, boost sales, and increase your average ticket size during this busy season. Here are five easy ways to spread the word about your seasonal promotions and blow your sales targets out of the...

This Lead-Nurturing Tip Is a Gamechanger for Your Business

Lead generation is critical to your business. It’s also expensive, so you want to make the most of those leads while they’re still hot. Once you’ve got a prospect’s contact information, your next move is crucial. That’s where speed to lead comes in. What Is Speed to...

The Expert Team Dedicated to Building Your Business

Meet David Luo, our Associate Vice President of Product. He gets to work directly with dealers to innovate and improve the financing products and programs we develop. Along with his dedicated team, David ensures that everything we do offers as much value as possible...

How to Set Up Your New Sales Reps for Success

You spend a lot of money hiring people, so it’s important you get new sales reps up to speed as soon as possible. With the right onboarding strategy, they can go off and succeed on their own, saving you time—and money—down the road. Here are the key steps you should...
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