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Jul 3, 2022
Dealer Education

How to Set Up Your New Sales Reps for Success

You spend a lot of money hiring people, so it’s important you get new sales reps up to speed as soon as possible. With the right onboarding strategy, they can go off and succeed on their own, saving you time—and money—down the road. Here are the key steps you should be taking to set new sales hires up for success from their first day on the job.

  • Resources: Get them set up right away with access to the training materials, marketing assets, and online platforms they need to hit the ground running.
  • Training: Provide them with a clear understanding of the product or services being sold. Set up a training schedule with a clear timeline.
  • Expectations: Set clear expectations from the start in terms of sales targets, compensation, and what success looks like in your organization.
  • Incentives: Share what they have to look forward to if they meet those goals.
  • Shadowing: Set them up with another sales rep or accompany them on sales calls for one-on-one training.
  • Follow Through: Sit down to review sales calls and identify their knowledge gaps or opportunities that were missed out on.

Finally, always leave room for flexibility so you can adjust the training to suit the individual.

Setting up a solid foundation for your new sales reps is key to building a strong sales team that exceeds targets and grows your business. Listen to our podcast episode on this topic for more in-depth tips and tricks: Close the Deal, Episode 6. It’s available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Have questions? Speak to your Dealer Relationship Manager one-on-one for more great tips!

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